Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LAU -Urban Intervention - Design 7 - Fall 2014


Bourj Hammoud is a very dense area in Beirut that is located across Beirut's river.The location of the 
11.800 sqm site is very critical that it defines the border of the huge area of Bourj Hammoud. An urban Study on all levels was implemented to conclude this Project


A. Bourj Hammoud Technical school 10.300 sqm          
B. Studios 4.000 sqm
C. Commercial activities 3.500 sqm
D. Open market 600 sqm
E. Parking 7.000 sqm        


Massing Concepts:

The sloppy concept comes from the purpose of the extension of Bourj Hammoud Over the River. Adjacent walkways transform into entrance points which in their place form ramps that extend into cantilevered platforms. Masses tend to rise in a shy manner to assure the continuation of Bourj Hammoud,and  ends with a rectangular box to reinforce the framing of Beirut's cityscape.

Site Analysis:

Rendered Perspectives:




Pictures of the Model:

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