Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LAU- Ferry Terminal - Design 5 - Fall 2013


The rapid development of the Lebanese Coast over the past several years has driven an increased need for public transport serving this linear region, and for public access to privatized harbors.The studio’s mission is to design a serie of ferry terminals on the Coast on a site of 17,000 sqm area


A. Terminal   [1000 m2]          
B.Lodging [500 m2]
C. Restaurant   [400 m2]
D. Convention Center [1000 m2]
E. Ferry Deck + Outdoor Space  

Massing Concept:

The concept emerges from combining the landscape feature to the project. A  continuous piece extends and forms slabs,walls,ceiling. All slopes are functional in term of space ( Seating for theater) or in term of stairs or ramps. Volumes are formed not as a massing , but rather a fragments of pieces bonding to form a space inside

Site Analysis:

Rendered Perspectives:



        Ground Floor Plan                                                       Second Floor Plan


Pictures of the Model:

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